What is Lynx4D?

Lynx4D™ is a plug-in for the 3d modeling tool Rhinoceros® which can help you in the early stages of design. The plugin has a set of solar tools for studying shadow patterns that includes solar diagrams for any area of the world and other features which will come soon. Please, give it a opportunity and tell us where we can improve it.

Main Features

Shadow analysis.
100% integration with Rhino 5
and Rhino 6 Beta.

Sun Path Diagram for any area of the world

Interactive Sun Path


You can see more tutorial videos here.


Lynx4D™ version 0.9.5 WIP*
Date release 28-December-2017

*Work In Progress


  • Windows® operating system
  • Rhino 5 (32 and 64bit, SR11 and above) or Rhino 6 Beta


Lynx4D™ is being developed by Juan Expósito, Building Engineer (University of Seville, Spain) and programmer. Recent projects include Butterfly Gallery (Rio de Janeiro) and SSFS Pavilion (in Santa Fe and Seville).

He is currently dedicated to the study and design of algorithms using computational methods applied to architecture and the development and maintenance of Lynx4D™.


email: support@lynx4d.com 
or also in the following contact form:

Juan Expósito Studio
11407, Aragón Street
Jerez, Spain. Europe